As the global photovoltaic (PV) market continues to grow,the demand for durable, reliable and better performing solar modules is critical. Dow delivers a wide base of chemistries and technologies in high-performance materials – tested to meet the specific requirements of the solar industry – that help to create more reliable solar modules.

Built on more than 50 years of expertise, we are collaborating with leading solar companies to improve durability, longevity, and performance of photovoltaic systems. We understand that materials drive innovation and are helping to solve the challenges in module manufacturing by leveraging our silicone and polyolefin chemistries. Our proven materials technologies are enabling PV module manufacturers to explore novel and more efficient designs. The designs for tomorrow’s renewable energy needs.

Offering encapsulants and potting for your electronic components, rail bonding, frame sealing and junction box adhesives, repair and protective coatings, and materials for optics, we can help to make your applications more efficient, and more reliable. Dow is innovating in decorative glass coatings for photovoltaic modules to enhance the aesthetics of the module. Contact us to hear more about this exciting

Let us help you create modules with longer service life and better reliability. Contact one of our solar materials experts, and let’s work together to make the global expansion of solar needed for the world’s energy transition a reality.