SikaTack Panel

The invisible, low cost and approved by the construction regularities bonding system for exterior facades. More than 1.500.000 m² facade panels (status: March 2017) have been successfully glued supervised by our team and this improves the reliability of the bonding system.

Decorative covering has become a matter of course. The facade panels are bonded at commercial buildings, residential buildings, new buildings and renovation projects.

The economic SikaTack®-Panel system is a bonding system for concealed and tension-free installation for facade panels.

The system consists of elasticity bond SikaTack®-Panel, double side glued SikaTack®-Panel installation tape for fixing the panels and at least the corresponding products to pretreat the substrates.

With the SikaTack®-Panel system it is possible to attach facade panels on aluminium subconstruction (EN AW 6060 or 6063) invisible.




The SikaTack®-Panel bonding system features a general building inspection admission in Germany.

Fire protection:
In Germany the bonding of facade panels is limited by the fire protection border in the construction height of 22 m (top edge of floor of the highest floor where the ability of a common room is). According to the European SBI test, the system achieves the fire protection class of low flammability C, S2, D0 according to EN standard 13501-1 /formerly DIN 4102 “B1”).

Application areas:

  1. residential and commercial buildings
  2. new buildings
  3. renovations

Convincing arguments:

  1. design freedom
  2. invisible attachment whithout mechanikprotection up to 22 m height
  3. weather and age restistant (permanently -40° C to +90° C)
  4. elastic and load-bearing adhesive connection; voltage-free