PU foams

PU foams Ralmo Dämm and Arapuran® Zack from the can insulate, seal, bond, install, fill, model, protect, fix and insulate.

The one- and two-component PU foams are preferably used in the construction sector. Their easy application, rational processing, favorable price and unsurpassed and durable insulating effect make PU foams an indispensable component of modern, cost- and energy-saving structures.

The PU foams have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of materials such as concrete, fiber cement, plaster, masonry, wood and many plastics. In addition, PU foams have high resistance to a wide range of acids such as acid, nitric acid, caustic soda, etc. Make sure to observe specifications of the individual manufacturers. The foam does not adhere to teflon, polyethylene, silicone, grease or similar. The durable insulation brings an excellent heat and sound insulation.